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eBay launches new cross




eBay (EBAY-US), a global e-commerce company, announced today that the company is cooperating with third-party partners to launch the “eBay Cross-border E-Commerce smart service” to help Taiwan's manufacturing industry layout cross-border e-commerce. In first phase, the main target is to invite 200 Taiwan’s suppliers related to automotive components, bicycle components, and commercial and industrial products to join and leading them to target the market in United States, UK, Germany and Australia.

“The lack of e-commerce talents and not familiar with e-commerce field are two major challenges for Taiwan’s companies bracing cross-border e-commerce. “said Jason Huang, director of ​​eBay's cross-border trade business department in Taiwan area.

Additionally, according to eBay’s survey, traditional exports can only reach 3 target markets. However, eBay can reach an average of 48 target markets.

Jason Huang pointed out that there aremany manufacturers and suppliers with high quality products in Taiwan; however, they are more conservative in bracing cross-border e-commerce due to unfamiliar with cross-border e-commerce operation and the concerns of related costs.

The “eBay Cross-border E-Commerce” model is designed for Taiwan's existing industrial environment, Jason Huang said. The system integration is handled by SoldEasy, payment flow is handled by Spgateway, and the logistics is handled by DHL.

In the first phase, the main target is to invite 100 eBay sellers and 200 Taiwanese suppliers to join, aiming at three major fields including automotive components, bicycle components, and commercial and industrial products.

Huang emphasized that on the "eBay Cross-border E-Commerce" platform, Taiwanese companies can have access to the existing eBay cross-border e-commerce sellers' export capabilities instead of operating their own e-commerce team. Additionally, eBay will help companies to understand the potential market for their products by eBay’s big data tools and analyze pricing strategies and shelf times at sites around the world. Moreover, companies can specify eBay’s overseas sales sites to avoid new cross-border e-commerce retail opportunitiesaffecting existing export wholesale business.